Trends in Virtual Worlds, Part 2: Open Virtual Worlds

Roughly a month after the announcement of the MediaGrid, NMC had another big announcement. In the meantime, I had started hearing more and more about OpenSim, OpenGrid and related efforts to also increase openness, portability and interoperability between virtual worlds. More on some of those in the next post.
NMC’s big announcement was the Open Virtual Worlds Project, in partnership with SUN Microsystems. As part of the announcement, they made a nice video explaining a bit about this vision and extension of the MediaGrid concept.

Almost immediately, folk in some of the other MediaGrid virtual environments started to have discussions wondering if this emphasis on SUN and Wonderland would end up excluding other players in the virtual worlds. NMC says they plan to model the Wonderland project along the lines of their existing Second Life project, and will share as they already share so much of their work.


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