Red Letter Week

This is my 441st blog post in MBlog. Of course, that doesn’t count blog posts done at other places, but still, quite a chunk of work there! I figure with ones I’ve done other places I’ll just call it a round 500. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Also today I posted the 45th slideshow in our shared Slideshare account:
Slideshare: UMHealthSciencesLibraries:
Earlier this week I hit a few other social tech landmarks.
I hit 2100 tweets and over 600 followers in Twitter.
2100, 600+
Now, since then I have a hundred new followers, with no idea why.
One of my early slideshare presentations hit 10,000 views.
I now have over 13,000 links collected and organized in my account.
And Flickr – let’s not forget Flickr, which is where I started with all this “Web 2.0” jazz. 45,000 views of my photostream, and will likely hit 12,000 images in the next week.
Last but not least, the YouTube video I made with Sharon Grayden and Dan Bruell of the School of Dentistry recently hit 8,000 views (although I’m not sure when).
Ed Vielmetti of SuperPatron fame has been heard to ask what is the point of social technologies if it doesn’t make people want to connect face to face? So I found the also remarkable in that the following tech-to-face events happened.
1) Someone sat down on the bus, looked at me, and said, “Excuse me, but are you RosefireRising? Of Flickr?” (Let me tell you, that created a bit of a conversation in my Twitter crowd!)
2) I had lunch at Angelos with a woman I know from Second Life. (hey, Diva? /me waves)
3) I got this postcard from a Twitter pal.
Twitter Postcard via Tojosan
What does all this mean? I’m not sure, but it looks like someone somewhere thinks I’m doing something useful. A nice feeling. 🙂 And it is nice to have friends. 🙂


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