Cool Toys Conversation April 22

On April 22nd, we had the first Cool Toys Conversation with staff of the Health Sciences Libraries. A group of us got together, ate lunch, and talked about what new cool tools and resources we’ve found online lately. Some of these have been previously been highlighted in this blog, some will be forthcoming. Here are the highlights of the conversation.
University of Michigan – iTunes U
The University of Michigan health sciences schools are collaborating on putting course lectures online as podcasts through iTunesU as a partnership with Apple.
ChaCha is a new reference service that will answer reference questions received through the web, text/chat, or by your mobile phone. Fast answers, too. Imagine going for a walk in a new city and sending a message asking, is there a good sushi bar near my location? and getting the answer in 2 minutes.
Open Source Alternative
Can’t get your tech admin to buy you a copy of some application you want for your computer? Here is a searchable database of open source (and FREE) software alternatives. Why pay if you can get it free?
LifeHacker is a kind of blog/journal/tech/self-help site with all kinds of tips (both ‘hot’ and useful) to help make your life easier. All your life — work, home, you name it. Worth checking out.
This is a tool for a build your own genealogy. We started thinking it would be interesting to use this to create visualizations of evolution of genetic profiles, plants, animals, ideas, memes, etc.
MBlog: ETechLib
This blog. Where I sometime mention cool new online toys and trends in emerging technologies.
MBlog: Web 2.0
Another blog highlighting new toys their applications.
EBHC Strategies Wiki
A wiki about evidence-based search and searching strategies. The more the merrier!
There was so much talk about Twitter, I’ve put it at the bottom to group the longer discussion and various tools.
Twitter is referred to as a microblogging tool, and is the most prominent and popular of this group of social tech tools. Personally, I consider it an example of Web 2.0 and social tech in a microcosm. You know how much research is done with other organisms before human research in part because of the shorter lifespan? Twitter would be the “mouse” of the social tech sphere — everything that happens in social tech happens there, just faster!
Here are some of the Twitter accounts, tools and concepts we discussed.
A2Snooze – local news / police blotter on Twitter
APHA – public health on Twitter
ChaCha – reference on Twitter
GetReady – disaster preparedness on Twitter
PubmedBootcamp – teaching on Twitter

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