Twitter Pros and Cons from A2B3

Twitter is, for me, the middle one of my top three personal and professional online productivity tools.
2. Twitter
3. Second Life
It is not uncommon that folks ask me why these, so it is on my mind a lot and something I tend to blog about. About a month ago I was at lunch with my favorite and most productive offline productivity social network – A2B3 (Ann Arbor Bi Bim Bop). There is a tradition that we pass a question around the table, which gave me the opportunity to push the question of Twitter out to other people.
I asked:
– Do you use Twitter?
– If Yes: what makes it useful to you?
– If No: what would it need to do to be useful to you?
I got a bunch of replies, divided roughly into pros and cons. My notes are pretty sketchy, but for what they’re worth, here they are!
* I need to be able to write in free text. The 140-character limit puts me off.
* I use email.
* My cell phone is enough for me.
* I would need an iPhone before it would be useful to me.
* I dislike push media.
* Twitter is a love/hate thing.
* I record audio, I don’t write.
* I’m already saturated.
* Don’t want to censor myself.
* I use LiveJournal, and that takes all my time for this type of communication.
* microblogging
* ease of writing entries
* accessible via phone
* accessible via web, apps, email, or phone
* use it for my job
* I live-tweet, then blog
* I twitter for the love of twittering
* finding out if my bus is on time
* getting news feeds
* it’s friendly and fun
* marketing
* real people & real stories; real connections, real emotions
* can integrate with GMail and GTalk
* has replaced my blogging
So, that was the quick ten-minute view. More on some of these someday. If you want to see what I’m twittering, you can find me at

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