Twitter, Plurk, Microblogging for Work, Wellness, Healthcare etc.

Tuesday I gave a presentation on Twitter to a select but extremely engaged audience at the School of Dentistry. We had a great discussion (more on that below).
Here is a link to the podcast and audio:
Here are the slides.

OK, now for a live example. While working on the presentation, I wondered about other microblogging tools. I use quite a few, but mostly depend on Twitter and Plurk. I thought about listing what’s available in the presentation, but wanted to find a good list of all of them out there. Turns out there is not a good list. I have Plurk set up to post to Twitter automatically, so when I send one post, it appears in both places, and I can engage in the conversation in both places. Conversation, you say, what does she mean by that? Well, take a look at this.
I post a question, and get a lot of response. In Twitter these will be scattered all over, but in Plurk they are collected all nice and neat so you can really see the conversation happening.
Plurk Conversation
The conversation kept growing from there, and folks listed a lot of other interesting tools. Some of it was joking around, but a lot of it was useful information I will be exploring. You can pull out a conversation on its own page to track and reference. Here is the same conversation on its own page, but notice the number of replies now.
Plurking about Microblogging Tools
You can find this conversation here if you want to explore the clickable links.
Now, since I am talking about conversations, here is another example of social media connecting with health and health care and conversation. A friend of mine on Twitter, Andre Blackman, was a guest last night on a web show about using social media to promote the public good. He sent me a tweet to let me know about it. The web show was set up to allow audience participation. This is a small snippet. I tried to make sure I grabbed a pic that did not say anything revealing about anyone, but also showed the usefulness of the dialog. Also, notice at the end everyone is saying, “Let’s carry on the conversation in Twitter.”
Marketing 4 Good
Social media. All about talking with other people. The conversation in the presentation was about using Twitter with folks who are low literacy or low income. One of the observations was that texting may be more accessible to people that formal literacy. Well, hey, maybe we need to redefine literacy? Something to think about.


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