Cool Toys Conversations: HSL Staff 08-July-22

At today’s Cool Toys Conversations lunch, we talked about the following resources and tools.
Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of Treatments (DUETs): A resource to help prioritise new research:
NOTE: “The Database of Uncertainties about the Effects of Treatments (DUETs) has been established in the UK to publish uncertainties that cannot currently be answered by referring to reliable up-to-date systematic reviews of existing research evidence”
NOTE 2: We played with this a bit and found it hard to find things with a very technical or specific search. For now, it seems best to use broad terms and assume few results. Still, what is most intriguing at the moment are the “Uncertainties identified form patients’ questions”. These seem to imply a clinician – patient dialog related to the evidence that is intriguing.
NOTE: Allows you to search MEDLINE (and other databases) by pasting in an abstract or uploading a text file. Results include finding the most published authors and journals for the topic, as well as a graph over time of the publication history for the topic. Full blog post to follow.
NOTE: “The National Cancer Institute is launching a 21st century information initiative that will transform the way we do cancer research. We are creating a network that will freely connect the entire cancer community. In doing so, we are leveraging valuable resources and saving precious time toward new discoveries.”
StreetAnatomy: Modality Brings Anatomy to the iPhone:
NOTE: This is the first medical application for the iPhone that I know of. Any others?
FontStruct (build, share, download fonts):
NOTE: Build your own font with wingdings or special characters not supported in regular fonts, such as the Rx symbol.
Eclectic Librarian: CiL 2008: Widgets, Tools, & Doodads for Library Webmasters:
Q: How do you find cool people to follow on Twitter and Plurk?
A: (1) Many professions have published collections of folks to follow (such as biotechers for the life science community). Sometimes these are on wikis, sometimes blogposts. (2) Sometimes there is a group account in twitter (such as @medlibs or @biotechers) to facilitate communication and discovery for that community. (3) Once you find one cool person, check who they are following. Explore and pick the ones that interest you. (4) Watch conversations and topics. See who’s saying the most interesting things. Follow them.
Q: What is a Plurkshop?
A: Plurk + Workshop = Plurkshop. Kind of like a themed discussion via chatroom archived on the web. Useful topics. Hosted by a given individual, organized in advance, open discussion. Example with synopsis and original:
BrandBox: 29 JUNE 2008, Plurkshop #4: Fractured Conversations and How to Manage Them:
PLURKSHOP: Social Media dialogue across multiple channels: managing and learning from it.


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