SparkPeople for Nutrition: The Blogpost that Turned into a Class

This post started as my telling my colleagues in a meeting about a social network I thought they’d enjoy.
At the previous Cool Toys Conversations meeting, someone had told me they like to use SparkPeople to analyze the nutritional value of recipes. Hey, that is useful, I thought! So I mentioned it. They said, “You should do a blogpost. Just a simple one.” Famous last words, right?
The next day I found another fitness / nutrition community. Then I found a nutrition-only network. And it kept going — more and more. Quickly the number of tools and communities I found far outstripped anything appropriate for a blogpost, so we are now planning a mini-class overview of Food and Nutrition Online Communities. If we’re lucky, maybe right before Thanksgiving?
Meanwhile, I checked out SparkPeople for the rumored recipe analysis, and here are some screenshots to show how you’d get there.
SparkPeople: Getting Started with the Nutrition Tracker:
SparkPeople - Start
SparkPeople: Nutrition:
Sparkpeople - Nutrition
SparkPeople: Nutrition: Meal Plans:
Sparkpeople - Diet Plans
SparkPeople: Nutrition: Add a Food:
Sparkpeople - Nutrition, Add a Food
NOTE: Did you see the Serving Size Calculator in the upper right hand corner of the picture above?
SparkPeople: Nutrition: Find a Food:
Sparkpeople - Nutrition, Search for a Food
SparkPeople: Nutrition: Create a Food Not Listed:
Sparkpeople - Nutrition, Create a Food
NOTE: You would use this when you are using a food in a recipe or meal plan that isn’t already in their database. For myself, this is often when it is an old family recipe that starts with a mix or prepackaged food of some sort, and I will use the nutrition data from the packaging information.
Okay, not go have fun. We can get into more detail in the class, later.


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