xTimeline Embeds for Easy Dissemination of Timelines

Over at the Public Health blog, I just added an entry on the 100th anniversary of water chlorination.
100 Years of Clean Water: http://mblog.lib.umich.edu/PHLI/archives/2008/10/100_years_of_cl.html
For the blogpost, there was a timeline that had been sent to me to include that I didn’t have a good way to put online. So I popped over to xTimeline, entered minimal data, added in some pics to spiff it up, and voila! Please note, most pics were from Wikimedia Commons or other copyright free sources, and all images linked back to the original source.
Events Leading to Widespread Chlorination of US Water
Even better, the timeline itself is embeddable, although it really doesn’t fit well in the confines of the blog layout. Play with it here.

Best of all, xTimeline is a wiki, so I can go back to the person who sent it to me, and invite him to edit it. That should save me a lot of work, and of course he could invite other people to collaborate as well.
Nice tool!


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