Josie Parker of AADL Saves Christmas Spirit

Janice Greenberg, a librarian from New Jersey, noticed on the national news from CNN a story of a librarian who is being touted as a Librarian Turned Super Hero for rescuing a charity donation box at Christmas time. Janice posted it to her Facebook page. That is how I heard about the librarian heroine who turned out to be our very own Josie Parker of the Ann Arbor District Library. Josie and friends were wrapping books for charity at a local bookstore, as our own Health Science Libraries folk did recently. Librarians are kind of, well, fond of people who buy books for the holidays. The story is that there was a donation jar for charity and someone tried to grab the jar on the way out of the store. Josie injured her leg pretty badly during the rescue attempt. Lesson to be learned — place the donation jar away from the door, on the opposite side of the table.
Embedded video from CNN Video
Spread the word – Christmas is safe in Ann Arbor.


3 responses to “Josie Parker of AADL Saves Christmas Spirit

  1. I used to handle fairly large sums of cash in a previous career and, as much as I enjoy this story, I still have to disapprove this sort of thing. I was strongly discouraged from being – ordered not to be, in fact – any kind of hero in a robbery situation. That thief could have turned out to be a truly dangerous person and Ms. Parker could have been hurt far worse than she was. The money just isn’t worth a librarian’s life.


  2. I bet she heard that a lot from her family! Hopefully also the police on the scene repeated this message. From what she says in the interview, I had the impression that someone may have already brought this up. Here is an example in support of your view.,-thief/home-depot-fires-another-employee-for-stopping-a-thief-294836.php


  3. I finally met Josie in person last night. I was really happy to have met her at last, and had always been proud of her for the events described above. I am notorious for doing the same sort of morally-sound-but-personally-risky “foolishness,” so based on this have considered her a kindred spirit.

    Josie is still walking with a cane, so her leg was *really* messed up. I was sad to find out that when she read the blogpost above she thought I was being sarcastic, which is the weakness of online and social media — no body language. No, Josie, I actually meant this as a tribute. Bravo!


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