The Big Collection of Advent Calendars 2008

Alright, folks, here is the full version, and now that it is done, here are all the links as well. Now, these will probably stay around through New year’s Day, so don’t wait – if something intrigues you, go look at it right away.
The collection includes a lot of activities, games, music, videos, recipes, comics, kid’s stuff, educational stuff, and of course some resources and opportunities for doing good and learning about the history and meaning of the advent calendar. Would you believe there are even TWO Dr. Who Advent Calendars? I hope you enjoy the collection. Next on my seasonal to-do list is things to do when you are on the long winter holiday or stuck at home ill or on a snow day.
Oh – how did I find all these? Right, that would be nice to share, wouldn’t it? For many of them, people shared them on Twitter or other social media. Searching Twitter helped find more, and the following Google search helped find a bunch more.
Google Search: (“advent calendar”) (online OR interactive) (specials OR “every day” OR “come back”):

About Advent Calendars
USCCB: Christmas Season:
Episcopalian Diocese of Washington: Advent Calendar 2008:
Squidoo: Christmas Countdown:
Cooking Calendars
AllRecipes: Christmas Cookie Countdown:
The Toronto Star: Cookie a day until Christmas:
Jamie Oliver: Countdown to Christmas:
Kid’s Calendars
Boowa & Kwala: Online Advent Calendar:
DFC: Advent Calendar:
Help Kidz Learn: Advent Calendar:
Woodlands Junior School (Tonbridge):
KidThing: Free Countdown to Christmas, 25 surprises:
KidZone Finland: Christmas Calendar:
LEGO City Advent Calendar (a real life toy to buy)
Teaching Mom: Learning Advent Calendar:
Educational Calendars
BBC: Bach: Advent Calendar:
BBC: Today’s Advent Calendar:
Intute: 2008 Advent Calendar:
National Museums Liverpool:
New Zealand: Tepapa Museum: Christmas in the Collections:
Boston: Hubble Space Telescope: Advent Calendar:
British Trams Online (Trains): Advent Calendar:
Official Word Magazine Advent Calendar Now Online:
Marketing Calendars
Jamie Cullum: Cullumdar:
WebUser: Online Advent Calendar 2008:
Do-It-Yourself Calendars
eHow: How to Sew a Countdown-to-Christmas Calendar:
Unique Advent Calendar from Matchboxes:
Maya Made: Countdown Calendar:
“Good Will” Calendars
Action for Blind People:,659,SA.html
Advent Calendar on Sustainable Development:
Goodwill Sweater Advent Calendar, part 1 – sample tweet (Tweet):
Sweater #21 and Houston Goodwill Stores
Goodwill Sweater Advent Calendar, part 2:
Goodwill Sweater Advent Calendar, part 3: Tweet:
Christmas party at Philip’s. Brought all the sweaters and everyone’s wearing one. Only a couple people missing.
Goodwill Sweater Advent Calendar, part 4: Holly, Jolly Christmas Sweaters:
Entertainment & Multimedia Calendars
Calm Asylum: Advent Calendar:
Dickinson Dees – Games Advent Calendar:
Straight No Chaser:
Dr Who: Advent Calendar:
BBC: Dr. Who: Advent Calendar:
Electric December: Online Seasonal Countdown Calendar:
French Cinema:
Throwing Toasters: Grant’s Advent Calendar 2008:’s-advent-calendar-2008-video-podcast-day-024-christmas-eve/
PlayLouder: Advent Calendar:
Holidays on the Net: A Holiday Video Countdown to Christmas:
VisuTech: Season’s Greetings:
Blog Calendars
Brendan McKillop: Christmas Comic Cover Countdown Calendar:
2008 Comics Should Be Good Advent Calendar:
Organized Christmas: Holiday Tip of the Day:
Organized Christmas: Christmas Countdown:
Google Holiday Calendars & Countdowns
Google: Countdown to Christmas Doodle 15:
Google: Countdown to Christmas Holiday Logos/Doodles Archive:
Google’s Countdown to 2009:
Google: Countdown to 2009:
Christmas Eve: the Weather at the North Pole? Clear and Cold
NORAD: Countdown to Track Santa:
Lesson Learned?
Tweet: @Blackfeathers:
I still got a lot of time. 376 days until Christmas. LOL


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