Telling the Election Story Through Social Media

There has been a lot of buzz about the incredible use of social media in the Obama campaign. Meanwhile, here I am sitting over in my cubicle doing this, that, and the other thing to try to inform the campus and especially the health schools about the potential of social media for productive functions. I started thinking maybe this is one of those times when a picture is worth a thousand words, or where a parable — telling the stories — gets the message across better than spelling it out.

Sounds like a brainstorm, eh? And what story has been more foremost in our thoughts for the past couple months than (a) the election and (b) the economy. Living in Michigan, the economy is too depressing for me to want to spend a lot of time thinking about it. So I spent a bunch of time during the past couple months capturing screenshots and browsing social media. I do that all the time anyway as part of my job. When I saw something relating to the election, reacting to it, or leading up to the inauguration, I grabbed a snap, and sometimes a link as well. You can find the links here:

I tried to be nonpartisan — to show the whole story (barring expletives and graphic rudeness). I tried to give enough information in the images that people could find the original, but in some cases the original has disappeared since the time I captured the screenshot. I did not capture all the links, simply because of the labor involved. The plan is to have several sections for this:

– Part One: Early Vote, Election Day, Results, Announcement, Immediate Responses
– Part Two: November – Elation and Depression
– Part Three: December – Getting Used to the Idea
– Part Four: January – Inauguration Preparations
– Part Five: Inauguration

That’s the idea, I don’t know if I will really pull it off. Today, I do have for your viewing pleasure, Part One. Take a small step back in time, and relive the excitement and uncertainty of Election Day 2008.

Slideshare: UMHealthSciencesLibraries: Election Story, Part One:


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