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I am busily cranking away on the inauguration slides, BUT since many of the links I’ll be referring to are still active and have live content streaming through the balls and other events, I thought I would share them right now so you can go explore on your own. A few comments mixed in.

The White House website changed over precisely at the drop of 12 noon, Just before Obama started his speech. I pulled the site up on my laptop and waved the screen at the crowd of people gather to watch CNN’s broadcast in the Med School’s LRC lobby. Amazing. There is a new back end, new social media integration, blogs, RSS, and a variety of aspects that have geeks everywhere raving and ranting. More on that later.

White House:

OMG! We now have a White House YOUTUBE Channel! I am the 85th subscriber. Brand new. WOW!!

Youtube: White House:

Links to info and resources being promoted by the Obama team. Many of these offer ways you can be involved. Notice Obama’s campaign Twitter account is live again, after going dormant immediately after the election.

USA Service:

Twitter: Barack Obama:

Twitter: Obama Inaugural:

PhotoBucket: Obama Photobook:

Flickr: Inauguration:

PIC: Photos:

PIC: Blog:

The BBC is hosting a video of Maya Angelou saying what she thinks is most important for Obama to hear. There are similar videos from a variety of people, including white collar, blue collar and even children.

BBC: Maya Angelou:

A fun graphic.

Blogumentary: Happy Obama Day:

This was up, on the web, live, from a citizen journalism site, within SECONDS after the speech broadcast on CNN. They must have had someone taking dictation and typing it up as fast as he spoke.

NowPublic: Full Text – President Obama’s Inauguration Speech:

One of several sites collecting links to various ways in which social media are being used to track inauguration events and provide minute by minute reporting and coverage.

Inauguration 2.0:

CNet: How to watch Obama’s Inauguration and Parties Online:

LifeHacker: Inauguration:

iPhone + Inauguration

TechCrunch: Watch the Obama Inauguration with your iPhone:

Widgets available to embed content in your website. Also check many of the web streams, which also have embedding available.
Inauguration: Inauguration Report:

Inauguration Report: Widgets:

Streaming and live reporting available over the net, many of which will continue with the inaugural balls. The fun isn’t over yet!


Current/Twitter: Inauguration:”>

Hulu: Obama Presidency:


Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC):

Neighborhood Ball Party:







Washington Post:

NY Times:


USA Today:
Associated Press (my fave so far):


A couple non-US sources.



Very interesting, but not available just yet I think, a 3d zoomable display of this particular moment in time. Send in your photos if you were there to help make rendering accurate.

CNN; The Moment: OR

MORE Citizen journalism and reporting the inauguration.

Inauguration Report:

iReport: Inauguration:

CitiMediaLaw: Documenting 2009 Presidential Inauguration:


Mashable: Obama Inauguration Speech Generator:

ATOM: Inauguration Speech Generator:

Attack Ad Generator:

Daily Show:

Make a Do-It-Yourself Inauguration Souvenir:

Is Obama President Yet:

Aggregated Searching.


Blogs etc.

“Today, we inaugurate the first president to ever own a BlackBerry, to ever have a Twitter account, and to ever use the Internet to build and win a grassroots campaign. Obviously, hopes are high among those of us in Ed Tech for a very different sort of presidency when it comes to education funding.”

Tumblr: Inauguration Photos:

Tumblr (another fave):

One of the many responses from around the world. This was sent as a link on Twitter tagged for the inauguration.

Obama Hindi Song:


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  1. What a wonderful compilation of links. Thank you Patricia!


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