Epocrates App for iPhone Highlighted on Scoble Video

I heard about this video via Scoble in Twitter, and could not find it in his Friendfeed stream to comment. So, commenting here, and hoping a few folks will enjoy hearing about it.

Epocrates is an immensely popular and useful application in healthcare that has been around for ages.

Epocrates: www.epocrates.com/


It was one of the first widely adopted healthcare mobile applications when PDAs first became popular. The earliest mention of Epocrates for handheld or mobile devices was in 2002 in this article, with earlier related articles about its development in the previous year.

Clinician use of a palmtop drug reference guide.
Rothschild JM, Lee TH, Bae T, Bates DW.
J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2002 May-Jun;9(3):223-9.

In my opinion, Epocrates contributed significantly to the adoption of mobile devices by healthcare professionals. The original Epocrates was basically a drug database, although this has since expanded to many other useful reference tools. The original free portion, what is now known as EpocratesRX, is is still free — “Free comprehensive handheld drug guide for Palm, Windows Mobile, iPhone, and BlackBerry.”

Well today’s news is not that Epocrates is now available for the iPhone — that was announced at the beginning of the month. At this point I tend to assume that Epocrates will always be available for whatever are popular mobile platforms. I shouldn’t, but, well, it’s Epocrates! It will always be there! And I am delighted to see it available on the iPhone, since our local hospital is having some (ahem) challenges making iPhones easy to use within the hospital. Hopefully this will drive a solution. (I’ve been working on a post about medical apps for the iPhone/iTouch, but am waiting to be able to actually use my iTouch at work!)

What caught my attention today is this new video from Robert Scoble in which a Stanford clinician enthusiastically demonstrates the usefulness of Epocrates on the iPhone. Now, I tried to put the embed code in here, but WordPress does trust many people, so I have the link here, and will put the full post with the embedded video back at the old blog location. Be forewarned, the video is over a half hour long.

FastCompany: Stanford Doctor Demonstrates How He Uses Epocrates: http://www.fastcompany.tv/video/stanford-doctor-demonstrates-how-he-uses-epocrates

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