Momentile Plus Cool Toys

I am guilty – I haven’t posted the slides/links for the last Cool Toys Conversations yet. Consider this a teaser.

We talked about a whole bunch of neat stuff, but got a bit into Momentile. It is kind of an odd thing, since Momentile doesn’t do much.

Momentile basically simplifies the photoblog concept, with a strict one-a-day policy. Oh, and it lets you caption pictures. Well, only other people’s pictures, not your own. Hunh? Yep, that’s pretty much it. Oh, you can do the usual social media stuff – pick people you want to ‘friend’ (‘cept they call it stalking), favorite copies of other people’s pics, etc. Oh, and put captions on other people’s pics.

People are doing some awfully exciting things with Momentile, tho. I think it is something like writing a sonnet — the restrictions challenge you and force you to find innovative and creative ways to exploit the medium. The first time I noticed this was with TheSky.

Momentile: TheSky:
Momentile: The Sky

How simple. Just one picture, every day, a picture of the sky. Day or night. Beautiful, every single one of them.

I noticed a few other folks working a theme — an amateur cartoonist who posts one toon a day, an artist who posts one sketch a day. We started talking about how this could work as an assignment or as part of a grad student project, perhaps documenting an archaeological dig or architecture project or … and our minds soared. We talked about making poems from the captions, and making a notebook from the project.

Then someone said, “You could do this. You know? With these cool toys?” Oh, right, yes, I could. So I did.

Momentile: Cool Toys:
Cool Toys Momentile: Momentile

Next post will list the highlights of the Cool Toys Momentile stream in its first couple weeks. Meanwhile, any of you feeling inspired? I have some Momentile invites left. Send me your email (DM me at Twitter) and say you want one.


2 responses to “Momentile Plus Cool Toys

  1. Every time I go to look at Momentile I bounce off. It’s that ‘stalkers’ word. I have known three stalking victims in real life; bad stories; and just can’t get the content on the site to outweigh the association when my eye sweeps over the page.

    Wish I could, it’s a very elegant concept. Makes me remember an art installation I saw, mumblety years ago. In a corner of the museum: an armchair, throw rug, end table, lamp. On the table: a looseleaf notebook of photographs taken out a window every day at the same time for a year. 365 photos in a binder: window frame, street scene, maybe the top of the chair back. You sit in the chair, looking ‘out the window’ through the notebook. I looked at every page, and yearned to try it.


  2. I must agree. I had two memorable experiences with stalkers myself, and I must confess it does make me a little cautious about what and where I share on the Internet. However, it is part of my job to be transparent now, and I am aware of the risks and prepared to be aggressive if needed to defend myself and my family. Definitely mixed feelings, and Momentile had an unfortunate choice of words. I’m sure they meant it to be funny, but … well, hmmm.

    Thank you for the beautiful story! What a vision. Yes, Momentile would be *great* for a project like that.


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