iGoogle Tabs, Continued: Astro

In an earlier blogpost about iGoogle, I promised to share links to some of the special tabs I created as examples for my class. I am going to put each one in its own post so that if people add tools or make changes they want to share with others, they can post their links to the update on the original post and we can all benefit!

We’ve been doing a lot in Second Life to support the Astronomy Theme Semester on campus, which has Astronomy on my mind. For this one, there was a real wealth of glorious tools already available, from realtime geosynchronous displays of the star patterns to find your favorite satellite. I am in awe of the tools and the folks who made them. Be forewarned – these tools take a while to load, so don’t leave this tab as your default unless you have a really fast connection. I expect you will want to pick through for your favorites and delete the rest just to save processing speed.

iGoogle Tab: Astro

Click here: Astro iGoogle Tab


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