iGoogle Tabs, Continued: iGoogle Tools for Life Science Researchers

In an earlier blogpost about iGoogle, I promised to share links to some of the special tabs I created as examples for my class. I am going to put each one in its own post so that if people add tools or make changes they want to share with others, they can post their links to the update on the original post and we can all benefit!

This was the first iGoogle tab I made as a prototype of what could be done. I wanted to see how it could support work productivity in an academic environment, and thought life science research was a real test of the concept. I was astonished how many tools there were for such useful functions! The Science 2.0 community and Omics researchers really have done amazing things in building and sharing tools for their work.

This tab is stuffed full of gadgets for a variety of life science researchers, so I assume people will want to trim it down to just the ones useful for them. It includes tools and information for genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, biochemistry, molecular modeling, and a variety of custom search tools.

iGoogle Tab: Research

Click here: Research Tools iGoogle Tab


7 responses to “iGoogle Tabs, Continued: iGoogle Tools for Life Science Researchers

  1. This is really interesting and is a good ready to use tools box. It must be really useful for students. Do you provide them some training on each of these tools? (I mean I’d like to know more about how people get to know and use them)

    Anyway, congrats, will recommend it.


  2. We are just putting this “Tool Box” out there, and haven’t yet integrated it into training. I love the idea of showing students some of the tools, and will be excited to hear more about what people do with this. Do please let me know what you hear or do.


  3. yeah sure! maybe sometimes soon you could post it on again on friendfeed and announce it on Twitter. I’ll be happy to help you with that as it is really itneresting to us.
    See you


  4. That is a great idea. I am swamped this month, but will add this to my to-do list for next month. That would be a good time to push it out formally. Thanks!


  5. Hi, I’m excited about it, it sure will be useful for many of our followers. Just warn us on twitter (@novoseek) and we’ll get started!


  6. Scribbling myself a note … Thanks!


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