iGoogle Tabs, Continued: Maps

In an earlier blogpost about iGoogle, I promised to share links to some of the special tabs I created as examples for my class. I am going to put each one in its own post so that if people add tools or make changes they want to share with others, they can post their links to the update on the original post and we can all benefit!

I’m not sure if it started when I was young and used to draw maps of imaginary worlds, or my early 20s when a friend of mine wallpapered her bathroom in maps so she would always have something to read, or later when I began crafting leftover roapmaps into origami paper sculptures, maps have pretty much always been fascinating to me. The ways in which maps serve as visualizations is mindblowing (who came up with the first map, and how did they think of it?), how people generate and share wayfinding information (and why do good instructions not work well for all people?), not to mentiont that they are just amazingly intriguing and attractive. The Maps Tools, being heavily graphic, are again a real drain on the network or processor speed. Very cool, but explore with a really good computer and network.

iGoogle Tab: Maps

Click here: Map Tools iGoogle Tab


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