iGoogle Tabs, Continued: Health Sciences Libraries

In an earlier blogpost about iGoogle, I promised to share links to some of the special tabs I created as examples for my class. I am going to put each one in its own post so that if people add tools or make changes they want to share with others, they can post their links to the update on the original post and we can all benefit!

One of my colleagues here, Whitney Townsend, is the person who started this tab. Most of what’s in it is her work. I need to give her full kudos for being the person who got this whole idea started! She is brilliant, creative, and hard-working. It is an honor and a pleasure to work with her.

What I did was to change the theme, add a new books feed for our library, add in one of our blogs, a little personalization to go with our marketing. There are more blogs from our HSL librarians here, but I don’t know them all. I’d love to blend a stream from all of them, in addition to a separate one for our news stream. This is an example of using the iGoogle tabs as another way to promote the other good work you are doing. Anything that generates an RSS feed can be put in the tab. I am sure we will be revising this again, and this is purely my own personal attempt — this is not yet up to specs for being pushed out as an institutional resources.

There are things I would like to see added. Our library has done a number of videos and screencasting tutorials. I want to see those put in a YouTube channel so we can add a video gadget to the tab. We have podcasts and presentations that are in iTunes, but again, to get them into the iGoogle gadget, we would need them to be in a YouTube channel. So, pushing that angle a bit. For this tab, we included just RSS feeds from just a few of our most popular journals. These are ideas, but I bet we could look at that more rigorously and refine that part. I have put custom PubMed searches in other tabs. Here, I would like to see a really good search focusing on our institutions authors.

We’ve been blessed with a really talented grad student who is working with us — Hung Truong. He has helped make gadgets for both Facebook and iGoogle. One idea he is working on right now is a Plain Language medical jargon translation tool. What we have here is an alpha version, very rough, but even so still useful enough that I am utterly delighted. You will hear more about that through official channels when we have a final version available. I can hardly wait! It is going to be an amazing tool. Watch for it!

iGoogle Tab: UM Health Sciences Libraries

Click here: UM Health Sciences Libraries iGoogle Tab


2 responses to “iGoogle Tabs, Continued: Health Sciences Libraries

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  2. llamadavirtual

    Extraordinary tool! Thank you!


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