Jane McGonigal at Enriching Scholarship 2009

I attended Enriching Scholarship. I couldn’t get a network connection in the room, so I did not livetweet, but instead am liveblogging. 😉 Here are my notes!



“We don’t look to the center for innovation but to the fringes, the schools and colleges.”

We need to get better at pulling innovation to the foreground.
Thin line between innovation (creating new ideas) and exploitation (using the new ideas you’ve just created)

Awards for innovation ($5,000)
– See University Record for details (I can’t find the link right now, but will add it later)
– Experimental cross-disciplinary ???? IPD: Wm Lovejoy & ???. SoAD
– Family Centered Experience Program: Arno Kumigai & Rachel Perlman
– Animal Diversity Web
– LectureTools (Engineering, Sampson)
– Virtual Microscopy


director of Game Research & Development
Institute for the Future

ARG – alternate reality games

Reality is broken, why games make us happy and can help change the world

EPIC WIN: Why gaming is the future of learning
best case scenario outcome for teachers, students educators researchers
connect gaming with everyday work


a new way of working together at extreme scales…

no skills, simulations

a gamers way of thinking, learning, working
don’t need a literal game to take place

“Gameful way of working” >>> ssuperstructing

Collective intelligence, mass collaboration
Wisdom of crowds
Wikinomics / Tapscott, Williams

COLLABORATE OR PERISH!!!!!!! (Wikinomics)

Superstructing supported by game platforms and mechanics

We need to steal MMP strategies and idaes

I am Making the Future (IFTF.org)

predicting the future – early mover advantage, and then you are stuck with what you saw
want to make the future, pick the one you want, get tools and communities ready

become really skilled at tech, ideas, ways of working

Game Use:
72% heads of household
96% kids
78% employers
40% women
average 35 years old
1/4 gamers over the age of 50
68 billion dollar industry
entire generation of hardcare gamers spending >20 hrs a week

** participation bandwidth
what do we do with it?
shared problem space
doing good work
real world change

****** looking back at least twice as far as we want to look forward *********

Nobel prize for gaming

look back at nobel prize winners
Einstein: Games are the most elevated form of investigation (apocryphal)
reverse engineer concepet >> what did he mean
Einstein was an avid chess player
two people explore tightly bounded problem space
– spatial
– strategic
– psychological
community of chess players contribute to this problem space
repeat play, new understanding and layers
not just the center of the problem that gets worked on
outlier strategies, periphery
WHY: Clear boundaries that focus our attention on a shared problem, community of players, time to play, relatively risk free, adopt unusual strategies

Games have gotten bigger
MMO Map Eve Online space (preetty)

SIGNALS process
cues that show something is changing
look for clusters
individual signal that catches on, transforms the present

3 million game designers, develpers, hackers

extreme scale of processing >> superstructing

graffitti: I’m not good at life
gamers are good at games
World of Warcraft >>> important signal
feedback, collaboration, people
important work to do
“the greatest IV productivity drip ever created” (intravenous)
immersive, immersed in shared mythology
This feels better than reality

Why MMOs beat reality??
– more exciting work to do (fate of the world depends on it)
– does the fate of the world hang in the balance of school & job?
– better feedback, more FIERO (pride when you overcome an obstacle that was hard) (arm pump + cheer = FIERO)
– challenge + you show to others that you perform and overcome
– “running through the library … FIERO”
– stronger social fabric – more likely to return request for engagement, reciprocity
– connected by story, believe in same values >> you don’t see people turn down requests to collaborate
– constant awe, wonder, and curiosity >>> very visible to self and others
– real world is not constructed to allow us to leave our mark on it

CogSci looks at vagus nerve – choked up feeling when you get choked up, emotionally. Is story amazing enough, engaging enough. Piloerection >> goosebumps and chills. Is this in our everyday learning environment. These inspire us to do more.

Signals that connect:
Crowdsourcing / Tribes (Jeff Howe, Seth Godin)
self organizing
mass collaboration

1. satisfying work to do
2. experience of being good at something (status motivates more than money or things)
3. time with people we like (social feedback creates positive feedback loop)
4. the chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves
(15 minutes of noble contribution beats 15 minutes of fame)

MMOs >> happiness engines

XBox Live image
ambient sense of who else is around >> who is doing what of your friends
desktop, iPhone >> info even when you are not playing

Gamers love ambient collaboration
“Life is not as well designed as games”

Citizen Logistics (Grandcrew)
make life more like a team activity
you get points for making people’s dreams come true
what times you’re available to do missions for other people
trust level
call to action
desire for RL to give people the same sense of purpose as game life

Here Comes Everybody – Clay Shirky
organizational theory

Harnessing social surplus
cognitive resources (hours)
cognitive diversity (players)
engagement instensity (heart)

Wikipedia – 100 million mental hours
5-6 yrs
equals 5 days of World of Warcraft gameplay
WoWWiki second biggest wiki in the world
scaffolding an extreme knowledge culture

“The purpose of all video games is to train a player to work harder while still enjoying it…” Nick Yee
“how seductive and concealed the work treadmill can be”
how can we harness this for something bigger and better?

Herodotus —
where dice game from, abt 2500 yrs ago?
moral truths we learn from history.
Lidia undergoing famine
dice invented to give people something to do
eat one day, dice the next (during famine)
playing games together to help culture to survive, survive a challenge)

Edward Castanova >> global mass exodus to virtual worlds and gaming enironments

starving for meaningful work, meaningful social connection

Games that are feeding hunger for real work
– FOLDED – protein folding (crowdsourcing) UWash
– GalaxyZoo: John Hopkins + Oxford
– analyze galaxies
– 4 peer-reviewed scientific papers and 4 more in progress
– Voowerp mystery > new solar object discovery

Spore – Will Wright
universe simulator
SEED Magazine interview
“learning to be good at a game makes you good at changing the world
reinvent your environment
global awareness and looking longterm
100 or 200 year horizons.
bad stuff happening now is result of short term thinking”

Scientific Lab
scenarios for the future
CubeSats, relatively cheap ($30,000 to launch, hopefully $100 in next ten years)
positive imagination card / dark imagination card
microforecasting platform (140 characters like twitter)
Penguicon small but strange ideas SF con for open source programmers
non-trival problems

space medicine
solar prosperity
space sourcing
challenging or collaborative

World Without Oil
– immersive research platform
– strategies for dealing with disruption
– health without oil
– nascar without oil (zoom zoom)

Black Swans
the future will be full of really big disruptions that we can’t imagine
most really are imaginged by someone, but no one was listening
playing forecasting game forces us to build calluses for our own real life
mPathy Test >> Jane McGonigal

do the thing you’re studying to get the real idea

welcome to the Global Extinction Awareness System (GEAS)
Assumption: Humans have 23 years to go
survival horizon
how would you extend the survival horizon
– quarantine
– ravenous
– power struggle
– outlaw planet (griefers)
– generation exile

GameDemic > stay home, play more, stay healthy
social distancing vs. social isolation / how to stay connected

Top Secret Dance Off

Micheala Robiss

survivability metrics
the higher our numbers get the better our future will be
your personal survivability score
collaboration badges
age 7-87
90 countries, 6 continents
7000 forecasters
1000 stories
500 discussion forum topics
500 collabroative superstructures

Tara Hunt (social networks)
Educycle freecycle
crowdsources p2p education online so anyone can teach someone somewhere something

Warren Ellis >> graphic novelist
strange structs
insects4food >> peak protein scenario

Tim Kring >>
unexpected Heroes
tech-savvy humantiarisn
bootstrap hightech solutions to basic needs

Chris DiBona
open source @ google
Pandora Award
Society for the creative breaking of shit
give super empowered angry individuals something constructive to do
harness the power of griefers, hackers and terrorists for good

Together we can reinvent the way the world works

Unexpected missions
which superthreat would you choose?

choose a group
play for 15 minutes

SEHIs – first tiem I feel capable of making a difference (Andrew)
super-empowered hopeful individuals
\new way of working together at extreme scales

Entering an era of EXTREME LEARNING
awe-inspiring questions and problems
concrete challenges
competitive collaboration

Everyone is an SEHI
classroom and campus

extreme scale
ambient collaboration
reverse scarcity
adaptive emotions
amplified optimism

think of superpowers, not lessons
epic achievement, badge of honor
collective fiero – show it off, meaningful collective outcome
unexpected extension if you could get 1000 people to do one thing, what would it be? how would it add up?
DIY X prize
awe-inspiring humanity elevating missiongyour field cd plausible achieve in next decade?
what breakthough wd deserve $25million prize?


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