Looking for a Job or New Hire? What about Social Media, Cloud Computing, and Virtual Worlds?

Part One

A friend of mine just got a really nifty and exciting position here on campus, well suited for her talents, interests and abilities. I am thrilled for her! I am also thrilled for the campus, since she will be bringing some new skills and experience to the mix and will hopefully apply these in new ways to the existing position. Before this came along, she’d been doing a lot of work in her industry in Second Life, blogging, and had worked professionally supporting distance education, which meant using social media and a wide variety of online tools and resources. Her new job is in one of the most traditional of all old-fashioned library positions – a curator of a special collection area. I am terribly excited to see the recognition and potential of new media connections with classic librarianship!

Part Two

This morning an article appeared in my Plurk stream on using social media and virtual worlds for hiring. LinkedIn was being used to discover folks with unusual or rare skillsets, and Second Life (the 3d virtual world) is being used for actually interviews. There is a lot more than this going on in both places mentioned as well as others, but here is the article. Read it and then think more broadly.

Karl Flinders. Will LinkedIn and Second Life kill the recruitment industry? 8 Jul 2009. http://www.computerweekly.com/Articles/2009/07/08/236804/will-linkedin-and-second-life-kill-the-recruitment-industry.htm

ComputerWeek - Recruitment

Part Three

Last night, I got a message via Slideshare from a startup with an interesting vision. Insightory is a social media space specifically for people interested in business trends and corporate marketing and management. Folk there are sharing a lot of high quality articles, presentations, reports, white papers, and other publications as well as establishing their own credentials and expertise.


I popped over to check it out, and immediately was sucked in by a number of the resources available that caught my eye. I liked the features and functionality, too! It allows you to download, provides PDFs of articles as well as presentations, and is embeddable (although not at WordPress.com, darn it!). I wish it let you skip to a particular page, especially as the document I want to highlight below is 144 pages and the best part is at the end.

This presentation by Michael Marlatt not only lists a lot of really interesting websites, tools, and resources but also provides strategies on how to make use of them and apply them specifically for recruitment and hiring. He captures relevant trends, and seems to focus on the same ones identified by the 2009 Horizon Report, which lends credibility and support for his vision. He pulls it all together in an overarching vision. Even if you are not a recruiter yourself, this presentation is worth looking at just for the resources highlighted! Any of you who follow my Cool Toys Conversations will find this of interest.

Michael Marlatt. The Future of Recruiting is in the Cloud (Insightory): http://www.insightory.com/view/1917/the_future_of_recruiting_is_in_the_cloud


Here are the basics Marratt mentions about the tech infrastructure we need to be SMART in the immediate future.

Appropriately equipped
RSS enabled
Tuned In”

If your corporate and personal work environments are not here now, think about catching up. Or, as he says it, tune in.


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