ALA ETechLib Discussion

There is a very interesting discussion about emerging technologies in libraries going on over at ALA Connect. For those of you who aren’t librarians, this is the social network discussion forum from the American Libraries Association. Jenny Levine twittered this earlier today, and Mark (whose desk in the cubefarm is kitty corner to mine) made sure I saw it.

"Are you a human database for bleeding technologies?"

ALA Connect: Program Proposals for 2010 ALA for Emerging Technologies Interest Group:

Some very interesting discussion going on! It looked to me like that discussion led to another thread suggesting resources for ETechLibs.

ALA Connect: Resources for Emerging Technologies:

I posted there, but get so many requests here for my blogroll, I thought I’d repeat it here. I wanted to make this a blogroll, but have had no luck figuring out the blogroll widget for the WordPress theme I’m using. So I am going to have a couple of blogroll posts coming up, but will cluster my favorites resource locations into a couple of groups. Meanwhile, watch the discussion at ALA Connect.


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