Thoughts on Approaching Social Networking & Media in an Enterprise Context

I’ve been wanting to do the National Blog Posting Month effort, and this seemed like a great opportunity.

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Last week we started a series of classes on social networking and social media that is targeting people who’ve been told by their departments something along the lines of, “We’re doing this, and you’re responsible.” This started with a couple queries I had from patrons. One asked me to please offer a hands-on class about Facebook and Twitter where folks could sit down and make their account right there. Someone else had scheduled meetings with me about her department assigning her to set up Facebook pages for them, and what did she need to know. Then when there were a few more requests for “tell me about Facebooking for my department” I thought, “Let’s get everyone together and do this at once.”

Since this was my first time teaching this and it is a complicated topic, I didn’t feel ready to just push out some slides. There is too much to know, and I don’t feel well organized yet. I made a Google Doc and started pushing content into that. By the time I gave the first class on Enterprise approaches, it was 17 pages long, and has gotten bigger since then. Thus, a lot of content ready to go for this month’s blogging.

NaBloPoMo asks but does not require that you post on a theme. The theme for August 2009 is Tomorrow. I don’t know how much of this will actually touch on that, but I will try to include something looking at these trends and how they might evolve in the short term and longer term. I hope this is a helpful series to folks! Cheer me on as I try to actually pull this off.


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