Social Media Strategies (a.k.a. In Praise of the Air Force and Jeremiah Owyang)

I talk about social media plans a lot, and how important they are for enterprise engagement with social media, but don’t have a lot of personal experience in this area, so I watch and listen to the real experts. One of them is Jeremiah Owyang. I have a small collection of his writings on the subject which I really like.

What I like about Jeremiah’s blogposts is that they are thoughtful, relevant, well written, short and accessible / easy to understand (for the most part). This one is a golden oldie, incredibly relevant even though it is three years old. Figure, these are the basics. You have to have these in mind from the beginning.

Owyang, Jeremiah. 10 Social Media Strategies for the Fortune 1000 Corporations. Web Strategy.

Here are his main points, but don’t rely on this list — READ the original post in its entirety.

1. Social Media is about people.
2. Communities are the goal, conversations are the verb.
3. Let go to gain more.
4. Measurement will be important.
5. Organize internally.
6. Risk of the unknown.
7. Social Media goes deep in the organization.
8. Social Media goes wide in the organization (and global in impact and engagement)
9. Social Media spans time.
10. Social Media is not magic nor voodoo.

The following image is probably the one thing I found through Jeremiah that I remember most and refer to most often. It isn’t his, but he does a great job of keeping his ear to the ground, spotting the good stuff, sharing it and sharing the credit for it. So I give him kudos for this since he is how I found it.

PAir Force Blog Assessment

What I like best about this is the bottom line: Transparency, Sourcing, Timeliness, Tone, Influence. Those qualities should ideally inform all of our social media communications. To make it even more brief, think before speaking, think before responding.

Jeremiah picked this out as being a brilliant model, and he’s right. The Air Force did a great job with this, and it is well worth emulating. Jeremiah wasn’t the original person to post this, though, nor the only person. Take a look at this!

Air Force Social Media Engagement Plan - Popularity!

Here is the original posting with the background information about it.

DeVilla, Joey. The Air Force’s Rules of Engagement for Blogging [Updated].


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