If It Isn’t an Enterprise, What is It?

Yesterday, the ever witty David Bloom was teasing me at the a2b3 lunch (but I think he was really half serious). He was saying that if I’m writing this series about enterprise social media then it isn’t about the University of Michigan. Why not? Because UM is a non-profit organization. So, alright, let me clarify a tad. In my mind, I am distinguishing between social media for the individual (personal use) in contrast to organizational use. Yes, I am using the University of Michigan as the specific organization in my mind behind everything I’m writing in this August set, but also trying to make this more broadly useful. This despite my verbal sloppiness in using the word “enterprise” to include not-for-profits. 😉

Now that that’s cleared up, today on Twitter, I seemed to keep being confronted with marvelous useful blogposts by other people on the subject of organizational social media (I still think enterprise sounds better). There were so many of them, I decided to gather this serendipitous collection here, rather than try to remember to add them all in later posts at appropriate moments. Also, it’s Friday, and I’m tired.

Facebook Best Practices

DIOSA | Communications: Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations: http://www.diosacommunications.com/facebookbestpractices.htm

This has a lot of practical and useful suggestions that are good for any type of organization, as well as some specific to non-profits. I love that they start with the Settings tab, and how to make your page interactive. DIOSA has other useful information as well, and you might want to browse the article collections aggregated from other sources for their sections Higher Education, Non-Profits, and Small Businesses .

Hospital Best Practices

Windle, Leslie. Meticulous prep key to hospital’s network success. Ragan.com. http://www.ragan.com/

This short article describes how Swedish Covenant Hospital planned and implemented a social media presence for their organization. The main points are ones you’ll here over and over again.

1. Listen
2. Be real
3. Provide value
4. Have a plan
5. Be open
6. “Just go”
7. A few good people go a long way

Nonprofits and Social Media

Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: http://beth.typepad.com/beths_blog/

Beth sent me a tweet today saying that she’d promoted my blog, which of course brought my attention back to her blog, which I hadn’t visited recently enough. You know how it is – busy, busy, and you end up missing the classics while you explore all the new stuff. Beth’s work is classic and solid, and she has what I think is likely the finest blog on social media use for nonprofits.


While all this was going, @LukeLibrarian sent me a tweet asking me to share the links I was mentioning, or to tag them for him in delicious. Naturally, I had to go see Delicious, my favorite bookmarking tool. Luke has been very busy collecting a variety of useful links on social media policies and guidelines.

LukeTheLibrarian: Social Media: http://delicious.com/lukethelibrarian/socialmedia

More Recent Articles

Not from today, but from the past couple months, here are a couple other articles on social media guidelines, policies and plans in organizations.

French, Kat. Is Corporate Social Media Poisoning the Well? Social Media Explorer June 24th, 2009. http://www.socialmediaexplorer.com/2009/06/24/is-corporate-social-media-poisoning-the-well/
NOTE: My favorite line in this piece is “Corporations + Social Media = Government + Religion.”

Papworth, Laurel. Enterprise Social Media Usage Policies and Guidelines. Social Media Journal May 1, 2009. http://socialcomputingjournal.com/viewcolumn.cfm?colid=826
NOTE: An amazing collection of publicly posted guidelines. Worth exploring.

Ross, Joshua-Michele. A Corporate Guide For Social Media. Forbes.com June 30, 2009. http://www.forbes.com/2009/06/30/social-media-guidelines-intelligent-technology-oreilly.html


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