Social Media Metrics Tips from Experts

Yesterday you heard a few of my thoughts on social media metrics, but I am the furthest things from an expert on this topic. Today I just want to share with you a few things other folks have said.

Getting back to “what does success look like” Rachel Happe has a list of ideas for defining this that should trigger productive and realistic thoughts. It looks like such a simple list, until you start reading it, and then WOW. Oh, read the comments, too.

Happe, Rachel. Social Media Metrics. The Social Organization April 1, 2008.

Jeremiah Owyang has an entire section of his blog devoted to this topic. Recent topics include audits, ROI, tools for capturing data, displaying data, a lot about Twitter, and more of course.

Web Strategy: Archive for the ‘Social Media Measurement’ Category.

If you want something a little more hands-on with real world examples and how-tos (and with enough humor to help sugarcoat the God-I-have-to-do-MATH pill), take a look at “How to be a Web 2.0 Metrics Jedi”, which is actually a pirate-themed presentation.

If you aren’t exhausted yet, you will be after you take a look at this enormous webliography of resources on social media metrics, emetrics, analytics, etcetera.

Broitman, Robin. Social Meda Metrics Superlist: Measurement, ROI, & Key Statistics Resources. Interactive Insights Group February 2, 2009.


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