Today’s News on Enterprise 2.0

There was so much that came out today or came across my desk today on the topic of social media for the enterprise that I am taking a break from what I was saying and sharing these juicy tidbits with you while they are hot.

This first one was shared with me by Gillian Mayman, another librarian working with social media who just returned from the event reviewed in the blogpost below. I scraped their highlights, but only to try to get you to go read the post. While their context is health and healthcare in social media, the lessons learned and implementation apply everywhere. Really good stuff.

iQ Solutions: Our Top 10 Actionable Insights from the CDC Conference (Third Annual National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media):
1. Social Media is the Wave of the Future—Enter or You Will Be Left Behind.
2. Don’t Use Technology for Technology’s Sake.
3. Don’t Abandon Traditional Media.
4. People Prefer to be Rewarded Today.
5. Know Your Audience. And Listen.
6. Change the Power Relationship.
7. Judge Social Media on the Platform, Not the Content.
8. In Tough Economic Times, You Must Figure Out the ROI.
9. Think of Government as a Platform That Provides the Content, Not the Final Product.
10. Help Create a Social Marketing Association

Remember the Air Force blog policy graphic that is so famous? Well, here is a government Twitter policy provided as a template specifically to adapt and adopt. Useful.

Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments:

I’m doing this series on Enterprise 2.0 as part of a specific project, but it isn’t my #1 focus, and I am anything but a leading expert. So who should you be reading for the real stuff? I’ve tried to give pointers to good resources and names to know, and then Mark Fidelman goes and puts out a post naming the names. So take a look at his top ten Enterprise 2.0 blogs to read.

Fidelman, Mark. 10 Enterprise 2.0 Sites that Everyone Should Keep an Eye On. Seek Omega August 15, 2009

What can I say? This was loaded to Slideshare yesterday, and was on the Slideshare homepage today. It deserves it. A brilliant piece, asking a lot of really good questions, putting them in clever and memorable scenarios, and just plain fun to flip through. I wish I could have heard this. I bet it was a great presentation!

Baer, Jason. Developing a Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps.

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