Embed a Google Custom Search Engine

I’m not the first person to do this, but I didn’t know you could until I came up with it, so I figure it won’t hurt to share the idea.

Yesterday I met with a dermatology resident to find out what I might do that would be useful. What sounded interesting to them was the idea of a custom search engine to get more precisely at some of the dermatology images on the web. The basic idea is easy, so I popped over to Google and built a custom search engine (CSE).

Dermatology Images Custom Search
Dermatology Images Custom Search Engine: http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=014944954919562708067:gbzwe8mrt24

This was a good news / bad news experience. The bad news was I couldn’t figure out any way to get the CSE to show the images or integrate with Google Image Search. That was sad. I can customize the look and feel to include our brand, but it only shows the brand in the results, and the results will only display links.

Dermatology Images Custom Search

The good news is that Google now gives you embed code for your CSE, so you can place the CSE as a widget on your website, or in your blog. I’ve put together a small LibGuide for Dermatology for our folks, so thought, “Hmmmm, I wonder if I put this code in a LibGuide will it break it?” This is another good news / bad news thing. The good news is the answer is, “Yes! It works!”

Dermatology Images Custom Search

The bad news is that you have to pay money to get rid of the ads in the results.

Dermatology Image CSE

So this didn’t turn out to be quite what I hoped for my area, but it might work out really nice for some other topics that are more text focused. Give it a try, and see what you think!


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