Augmented Reality and More ETech Trends

I depend on the NMC’s Horizon Report for a great synopsis of what’s important as far as emerging technologies, with emerging divided into now, leading, and bleeding. I love the way they present the info, with managerial summaries within time frames to anticipated crest of adoption followed by example resources. Beautiful. However, each year, new things come up that are, well, NEW.

A couple years ago I was reading about augmented reality as something restricted to science fiction and research labs. A few months ago I started to hear it often, and it has only ramped up since then. I now see things on augmented reality several times a day. Why? Because AR is combining with some of the other leading etech trends – mobile, structured/linked data, personalization, etc. Basically, augmented reality shifted from SciFi to on the verge of ready for prime time.

So what are some other things to keep your eye on? Read the Horizon Report. Then take a look at Read Write Web’s just released new slideshow giving a quick introduction to some of the important trends right NOW. Here are the high points.

* Structured / Linked Data – Wolfram Alpha, OpenCalais

* Real-Time Web – Twitter, FriendFeed

* Personalization – Facebook,

* Mobile Web / Augmented Reality – FourSquare, Layer/Layar

* Internet of Things – IBM (ie. A Smarter Planet), Pachube


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