What I Most Want to (Be Able To) Find in the New Pubmed (Pubmeds Compared)

In a recent webinar Pubmed finally revealed their new interface. A colleague sent out the URL this afternoon, and I came home and labelled the old and new to make it easy to share where things moved that I most often use in teaching. I thought others might find this helpful, so I’m sharing both image versions and presentation version.

What I Most Want to Find in the New Pubmed

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What I noticed very quickly through the exercise of doing this is that the new interface is much cleaner, tidier, and easier to use. I think once we get used to it, we’re really going to like it!

12 responses to “What I Most Want to (Be Able To) Find in the New Pubmed (Pubmeds Compared)

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  2. Good idea and great job!! Congrats 🙂


  3. Very impressive new layout of PubMed’s opening page. Functional, clear, ‘modern’. And a simple search window at the top without the clutter of other option as in the old (current) opening page. Way to go!

    Also: excellent slide showing the old to new correspondences. It’s all there, nothing is lost, but much clearer!



    • Thank you, all. 🙂 At first I thought, “Oh, it was so easy to just say look on the blue bar on the side, and it will be so hard now.” Then when I really looked at it, I found, you know, it really isn’t that hard. Most of it is beneath the graphics and it is all above the fold (which wasn’t true before). Some stuff moved off the page, but not the stuff I teach in every session. So, yes, it will take some getting used to, but I actually like the white space. Makes it easier to read, not as cluttered.


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