Best Explanation of US Healthcare Plan Controversy on Slideshare

I tried to resist, I really did. A friend of mine often quotes the old guideline that politics and religion should never be discussed in polite company. The US healthcare reform debate has become emotionally volatile and provokes strong reactions. This means, of course, that it is everywhere I look. So, I was avoiding bringing the topic into this blog.

Then I found the Healthcare Napkins All presentation on Slideshare. Very impressive. I opened in a browser window and debated whether I wanted to put it here or not. I’ve been having computer problems with lots and lots of crashes, and each time I restarted my browser, there it was. I noticed that the stats for it were, well, impressive.

Health Napkins Metrics

That made sense, since it had won an award for best presentation. The topic is obviously timely. The presentation is attractive, colorful, and creative. The presentation is about as unbiased and bipartisan as anything I’ve seen, while clearly explaining many of the concepts in the process in simple easy-to-understand words and images. But what has really got my attention the conversation.

Health Napkins Conversation

A rich conversation full of most of the populations represented in public online communities, from right wing, left wing, trolls, persons with stories to tell, persons with axes to grind, folk who want more, folk who think the images are silly, … So what is all the talk about? Why don’t you check it out yourself.


3 responses to “Best Explanation of US Healthcare Plan Controversy on Slideshare

  1. Nice – thanks for pointing this out.


  2. Very interesting. I am a theatre professor directing the Moliere play “The Imaginary Invalid” at a college and wanted to include satirical interludes in the production relating to health care in America. I am going to contact the author/artists regarding this. Thanks very much!


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