National Educational Technology Plan Public Forum in Second Life

Very briefly, we just completed the event that has been keeping me so busy the past couple weeks. I’ll say more over the next few days, but for right now, just a tiny pointer to more info.

There was an awful lot of excitement that Barry from the national team actually came into Second Life, listened and conversed with the audience for the whole thing (over 2 hours). Here is a picture of Barry.

SL - National Educational Technology Plan, Public Forum, 2009

We will be archiving chatlogs and other content at SimTeach. Expect this will appear over a few days or weeks.

The Flickr group is started. If you were there, please add your images of the event.

Second Life – National Educational Technology Plan Event:

There will be a variety of videos that will become available. Miraculously, the first one IS already available! I can’t embed it here, but I can sure point you to it. Enjoy!
SL - NETP - Livestream Video


3 responses to “National Educational Technology Plan Public Forum in Second Life

  1. mimi muircastle

    Thank you all who brought us this amazing opportunity in SL to comment, debate and know that our views will be heard. It was some of the best talk about what education really is all about and how our virtual worlds and other technology tools can enhance the ways in which good teachers reach their students and how students can shape their own learning environments.

    Kudos to you especially!
    Mimi Muircastle (in SL)


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