National Educational Technology Plan Second Life Public Forum Final Report

The National Educational Technology Plan event was held on November 5th from 9-11pm Eastern Time, with approximately 200 attendees across the 4 main sims, 2 overflow sims, and the livestreamed webcast. The audience included participants from across the USA as well as an international audience, with some event volunteers coming from Canada, England, Australia. One of the most active participants was an American educator working in Israel who stayed up until sunrise local time to be part of the event.

The final report is posted here:

The livestream is archived on the web here:

The Flickr group is here:

The chatlog is here:

There is another video of highlights by Draxtor Despres still in development.

The event succeeded in achieving both of our two primary goals:
– for the Second Life educational community to provide useful and relevant input for the Obama edtech team; and
– to highlight the potential of Second Life for education as well as for “rapid prototyping” of this type of large scale social event.

Along with the positive feedback from the event attendees, the event resulted in new professors adopting Second Life for teaching and great feedback from the the Obama team representative. Feedback from various members of the Obama team included:
* “That was great!,”
* “What a wonderful experience,”
* “The ideas I heard during the event are already influencing my thinking!,”
* “A terrific contribution to the input process.”
Last but not least, the final report from the Second Life event has been requested for use on the public website for the NETP project:

National Educational Technology Plan:

Event sponsors and support came from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), Metanomics, New Media Consortium (NMC), Virtual Ability (VAI), Cedar Island and the Justice League Unlimited (JLU). The contributions of the many volunteers and participants are what went beyond making this event possible to making it SHINE! Bravo, bravo to you all!

If anyone wasn’t able to get a copy of the souvenir tshirts from the event (I ❤ EdTech), I'd wager we could probably make those available somewhere. If anyone makes the tshirts in real life, I want one. 🙂

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