Social Media on Campus – Report Out from Communicators Forum

Yesterday I attended the University of Michigan Communicators Forum, having requested and received permission to livetweet in advance. A couple of us did so, and you will see a few quirky or extraneous comments from the general public as well.

The meeting included some updates for campus communicators as well as some discussions and brief presentations from the social media working groups. These are the notes from the meeting, being archived here. The coding for the table was cribbed from What The Hashtag, which is a tool I highly recommend.

December 8, 2009
7:18 am crheinga: I'm at the U-M communicators' forum learning about how U-M uses social media, etc.should be interesting! @UM_SPH @UMSocialWork #commforum
7:28 am pfanderson:

Several of us will be livetweeting this morning the Communicator's Forum discussion on social media #commforum
7:40 am

pfanderson: Met @crheinga @ the #commforum. @mindofandre, wd like to introduce you. She's into #globalhealth #publichealth #socialwork
8:01 am pfanderson:

#commforum starting. David Lampe, Lee Doyle, Steve Schramm, social media reports, Gateway tweaks, new sites BUDGET as emerging issue

8:01 am


Detroit as a national symbol for all that's wrong with the economy #commforum

8:02 am crheinga: the communicators' forum just started - updates on U-M big picture things. U-M is doing well compared to other institutions #commforum
8:02 am pfanderson: Wow - cut $135million in past 6 yrs. More to come. People are concerns, marshalling communications. Hackett Survey #commforum
8:03 am

crheinga: David Lampe talking about the Hackets survey which assesses costs at our university #commforum
8:04 am pfanderson:

Voice of the staff town hall coming. #commforum Tutorials on funding concepts, like endowment. Prior tutorial went to @whitehouse :)
8:06 am ocdgirl2000: RT @pfanderson: #commforum starting. David Lampe, Lee Doyle, Steve Schramm, social media reports, Gateway tweaks, new sites BUDGET as em ...
8:07 am

pfanderson: Future tutorials on tuition & costcutting #commforum Athletics issues, sports press "going wild". Avg time for NCAA investigation 22months
8:08 am crheinga:

"the president [of U-M] stands behind the coach [Rich Rodriguez]" - just wanted to make it clear #commforum

8:08 am


"The President (UM) stands behind the coach!" (3x) Evidently folks are not hearing this, reporters keep asking. #commforum

8:10 am pfanderson: Integrating the arts into all campus activities as a significant trend. Crossdisciplinary collaboration as ed trend #commforum ArtsOnEarth
8:11 am pfanderson:

Integrating arts and art making into other disciplines to inspire creativity across all domains. #commforum

8:11 am


Arts on Earth starting to gather steam at U-M to learn more! #commforum

8:12 am

pfanderson: Film office, lots of movies being filmed on campus. New one: Trust. New backlot is North Campus Research Center #commforum
8:13 am pfanderson:

Fake National Enquirer cover on screen, "UM Scandal" Big Joke, everyone is laughing. #commforum Humor at a work meeting, goodness! ;)
8:13 am crheinga: Lee Doyle speaking about U-M's presence in the new Michigan film industry #commforum
8:18 am crheinga: U-M block "M" should have a registration mark by it because it adds a little bit of protection. U-M will now be doing this. #commforum
8:18 am pfanderson:

Review of Wordmark/logo policies and recommendations. #commforum #umich
8:18 am crheinga: new registration mark logos will be available soon here: #commforum

8:19 am


Steve Schramm talking about Out of the Blue #commforum highlight campus innovation

8:20 am

crheinga: "Out of the Blue" program on Big Ten Network, Steve Schram #commforum highlights cool U-M things
8:20 am snarkyUmich:

lord save us from propagandists blathering about Detroit, economics, and "innovation" #commforum
8:22 am pfanderson: Out of the Blue also at UM YouTube, iTunesU #commforum embeds available

8:22 am


better website: can also get the vids on U-M YouTube channel, U-M iTunesU channel, & Michigan Channel in AA (22) #commforum

8:23 am

pfanderson: @snarkyUmich LOL! Well, number of folk couldn't come to meeting, but wanted to participate. Thus tweeting on their behalf. #commforum
8:25 am crheinga:

seeking ideas for future Out of the Blue stories - send to the OOTB ppl #commforum
8:26 am pfanderson: Planning an entire show on Green issues at UM, incl Planet Blue #commforum OOTB reaches ~40mil households. Want more stories :)
8:27 am

crheinga: May-Sept the Out of the Blue shows will get more play cuz they won't compete with money-making sports shows #commforum
8:27 am crheinga:

can order hard copy DVDs through U-M production #commforum #OOTB
8:28 am pfanderson: Oooh, QT downlaods, CD purchase. We cd push these to SL audience on Wolverine. #commforum
8:35 am crheinga: students presenting on how marketing ppl at U-M can use the @MichiganDaily for communication #commforum
8:36 am crheinga:

students actually do value print still 77% cite the Daily as primary news source, 90% students read it 3x/wk #commforum
8:36 am

crheinga: the @michigandaily is currently Ann Arbor's only daily print newspaper #commforum
8:37 am pfanderson:

Update on Michigan Daily advertising. Students value print. 18K copies reach 40K fac/stdts. 90% rd 3x/wk #commforum A2s ONLY prt daily paper

8:38 am


U-M's @michigandaily is one of most online college papers in world, ppl read from 165 countries and stay avg of 3 mins each #commforum

8:38 am

pfanderson: MDaily 163,000 visitors online, 165 countries. One of most popular online college newspapers. Online rdrs tend to be older >35yrs #commforum
8:40 am pfanderson:

Recommend using @michigandaily online to reach alumni/parents, geo-diverse audiences. #commforum They did nice job :) Applause
8:42 am WashtenawNews: RT @pfanderson: Recommend using @michigandaily online to reach alumni/parents, geo-diverse audiences. #commforum They did nice job :) Ap ...
8:43 am crheinga: online daily Record update has extra stuff from print version & vice versa #commforum

8:44 am


Hearing fr University Record. Noting Record Update is *diff*. Adding social media, rss, coming Jan 1 #commforum

8:47 am

crheinga: the Record Update is going to be searchable soon! #commforum
8:47 am pfanderson:

Oh, goodie! They figured out they want the news backlog to be searchable. :) #commforum
8:47 am

crheinga: now getting into social media part of the #commforum Global Language Monitor ranked U-M #1 in social media, internet and media
8:48 am crheinga:

largest # Twitter accounts of any university #commforum (follow mine list here: @crheinga/umich)
8:48 am pfanderson: Global Language Monitor ranked UM #1 in social media, internet & media interest. Most # of accts4 Twitter. Revived Facebook page. #commforum

8:49 am


U-M facebook fan page has over 68K fans! #commforum

8:50 am

pfanderson: "Bad thing is you can't control the conversation." I didn't say it folks, just quoting. #commforum Looking at comments on FB page.
8:53 am pfanderson:

RT @crheinga largest # Twitter accounts of any university #commforum (follow mine list here: @crheinga/umich) @pfanderson/umich-annarbor
8:53 am crheinga:

talking about U-M YouTube channel #commforum (also Spanish channel & @PortalEnEspanol)
8:55 am crheinga:

U-M Spanish YouTube channel #commforum
8:57 am pfanderson: Social media discussion starting. Video group 1st. Talking abt videos that work, and why. Fun+Human element+Surprise = success #commforum
8:58 am pfanderson: Short, fast paced, visual impact, emotional = new UM video #commforum HD, 3days of video to make 1 minute video. Lot of work.
9:01 am pfanderson:

Tech, history, innovation, cool = UM solar car video #commforum dedicated alumni, parents, people w/ passion 4 topic

9:02 am


U-M solar car video and others showing how to showcase U-M students, faculty work #commforum

9:04 am pfanderson: Fun, energy, cool factor = um north campus Explorth. Michigan Moments. #commforum #video They're talking abt how to make videos for YT
9:07 am crheinga:

presentation from @pfanderson abt social media tech and trends (& sorry abt the comp cord - my battery only lasts 20 mins) #commforum
9:07 am crheinga: "analog" presentation = writing notes on <gasp> paper! with NO powerpoint! #commforum
9:08 am crheinga: found most commonly used sites 4social media at UM. YouTube 4vid, flickr 4pics, twitter 4microblogging, slideshare 4presenations #commforum
9:09 am crheinga: more abt blogging coming up w/blogging committee. trying to find new social media guidelines, FDA creating some #commforum
9:14 am crheinga:

discussion abt monitoring conversations, esp in health area. U-M highly values free speech but does not tolerate hate speech #commforum
9:14 am

crheinga: Laura from blogging team presenting on blogging. why should we even blog if already so many? #commforum
9:15 am crheinga:

project-oriented short-term, or topic-oriented long-term. short example: #commforum
9:17 am crheinga: highlighted a few blogs- all look different. want to brand the blogs. want to update mblog to be more user friendly #commforum
9:17 am pfanderson: Matt Adams abt Trends & Tech process & recommended tools. Me on #fdasm importance 4 non-health communicators #commforum
9:18 am crheinga:

blogs are easier to update with fresh content daily than clunkier websites and easier to format #commforum
9:18 am

pfanderson: Blogging team talking about use of blogs for interactive communication & facebook. Blogs seem to endure as mode of communication #commforum
9:20 am crheinga:

FDA social media guidelines disc RT @fdasm FDASM Update: Transcripts from hearings now available on #fdasm #commforum
9:20 am crheinga: question about intellectual property on blogs - could U-M affiliation/branding deter ppl from blogging? #commforum
9:21 am

crheinga: example: Prof Juan Cole is very international presence but works at U-M. not U-M branded but would be good rep #commforum
9:23 am pfanderson:

@crheinga It doesn't work to make one tool fit all voices. #commforum Dynamic audience conversation on how to brand UM blogs/authors
9:24 am pfanderson: Good suggestion - register UM-authored blogs in DB or discovery tool #commforum
9:26 am crheinga: why have a social media forum at which you can't use social media? #commforum
9:26 am pfanderson:

New: UM Speaks Out section on gateway. Gateway being overhauled for freshness. #commforum Crisis Communication. One source is DPS website

9:27 am


In 1st hr of campus crisis situation go to, not to gateway, not to library, go to DPS/Police. #commforum


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