Semantic Libraries

This isn’t new. It was at least a year, year and a half ago when I attended a wonderful presentation by our very own Jacob Glenn on the subject of semantic technologies (a.k.a. “Web 3.0”) and how they could be used in libraries. I particularly glommed onto the idea of microformats, which seemed immensely useful to me, for many many purposes.

Unfortunately, Jacob didn’t feel he could put his slides in Slideshare, which meant I couldn’t easily reshare his content with you. He still hasn’t, at least not where I can find them, so I was happy to find these presentations on semantic technologies and trends in libraries. From my point of view, the real power is similar to augmented reality, in that the strengths and power of the libraries are embedded throughout their surrounding environments, both analog and virtual.

This presentation is wonderful, engaging, well-designed, worth downloading, and be sure to take a look at his other presentations on the same topic.

This one is more technical and has a good bibliography

The Semantic Web and Libraries in the United States: Experimentation and Achievements:

More information:

Semantic Digital Libraries (Book):
NOTE: Check out the “Interesting Links” section.

Semantic Library (Blog):

Semantic Library (Wiki):


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