Social Media Policies & Issues – Two New Resources

Last August I worked on the Enterprise Social Media series, which continues more slowly, and recently I’ve been working largely on the FDASM series about new policy guideline development there. I recently stumbled on a couple resources I wanted to share with you here, and which relate to both of these main topics.

The Social Media Governance site has a LOT of things relevant to the whole Enterprise 2.0 topic. Worth exploring in general, but if you are doing either implementation or administration of any social media initiative, you MUST check out the Policy Database. This collects social media policies and guidelines from various organizations, and groups them by type of industry. Absolutely essential reading. The Healthcare section (shown here) has a collection of types of social media guidelines already being used in different places, from clinical environments to academia to insurance to pharma. It absolutely should be reviewed by anyone involved in the FDASM process.

Cool Toys pics of the day: Social Media Governance: Policy Database
Social Media Governance: Policy Database: http://socialmediagovernance. com/policies.php?f=4

On a related note, the whole question of the balance between transparency and privacy in social media is core to all of our lives these days. Here are two very useful taxonomies also relevant to the policy development process, and which could be applied to determining levels of privacy for different types of information and audiences in healthcare (as well as others).

Taxonomy of Social Networking and Privacy:
(via CIS Cyberlaw at Stanford)

Mechanical Poetry: Another Categorization of Social Networking Data:


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