“Why not Google Earth for my Body?”

This video should be required viewing for doctors, nurses, healthcare students, healthcare consumers, patient advocates, pharma industry, librarians, IT experts (especially healthIT), health reform activists, government … need I go on? EVERYONE!

Briefly, ePatient Dave Bronkart (known as @epatientdave on Twitter) here talks about how technology, social computing, personal health data, pharma corporation websites, web searches, Google Health, Google Docs, mashups and more all contributed to his being alive and able to talk to us today, and the impact of these for the future and participatory medicine.

The Quantified Patient: http://vimeo.com/8411312

The Quantified Patient from e-Patient Dave deBronkart on Vimeo.


4 responses to ““Why not Google Earth for my Body?”

  1. Thanks! What inspiring feedback!

    Some credit belongs to the “Quantified Self” people who hosted this event. They’re described in the post about this video on e-patients.net.

    Thanks again for “getting it” so completely!


    • Thank YOU for doing this and making it available. I wish there was a transcript. I wish that #$%^@*@ WordPress would embed Vimeo videos. I wish you folks would break this into two sections and stuff it in YouTube to make it more discoverable and embeddable. 🙂


  2. Waddaya mean? e-patients.net is a WordPress blog; Vimeo embeds fine. email me if you need help.


  3. I think the embedding rules are different for WordPress.com blogs, sad to say. I pasted in the embed code, and got a link instead of an embed. I did try! 🙂


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