Back from Break with Technology Vision

I bet you all thought I was being quiet because I was on vacation or holiday or something like that. Wrong! I spent an unbelievable amount of time over the past couple weeks working on my portion of an article a few of us are submitting about Nursing education in Second Life. My portion of it was intended to be a quick overview of emerging technologies and virtual worlds as used in education (generally), healthcare, and nursing. I think I might have a whole article of its own coming out of this, but, wow, did I find a lot of fascinating things while I was doing the background research for this. I will try to find time to share some of the highlights here over the next few weeks, just short little pieces with things I’ve found.

For today, here is something I found before the nursing article binge, and which I meant to share ages ago. I could spend weeks just talking about the concepts and ideas in this one slideshow, and still feel hopelessly inadequate. Briefly, this is from Cisco, almost a sales pitch but framed in the context of a vision of the impending future of computing systems. Think big fluffy clouds, lots of them, all interconnected. Instead of the InterNet, or the InterWeb, or the “InterTubes”, you get the InterCloud. You won’t really think of your data as having a particular space anymore, not like, “Oh, my stuff lives in that cluster of servers on North Campus.” And I remember the days when people on campus would ask which server you lived on, UB, or UM or MERIT. At Northwestern the servers were named after local popular student restaurants, and my account lived on Casbah. Nope, not anymore. Hope you enjoy it!


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