2009 Social Media Overview

Me, I didn’t plan to do a yearly overview, nor did I plan one of those crystal-ball sets of predictions for the coming year. I ended up getting sick and didn’t do what I planned for the start of the new year, but don’t worry, I’ll get it out sooner or later. Hopefully, if I make it before the end of January, you’ll all forgive me.

This video has been making the rounds the past couple weeks. It is a real joy. Take an expert social media cartoonist (Rob Cottingham) with his finger on the pulse of the high points and low points of social media. Take the cartoons and organize them by month. It makes for a very telling tale, indeed! I actually watched the whole thing, more as a test to see how up I am on things myself. What I discovered is that when I got really busy working on FDASM and articles deadlines during November and December I also lost track of what was going on around me pretty totally. I was doing pretty good up until that point – no real surprises. Time for me to catch up (I hope), and get back into blogging here. (Meanwhile, you can track my daily Cool Toys blogposts over at Posterous, just in case you think I haven’t been blogging at all. ) For now, take a look at this video and see how much you already knew (and snigger just a little, for fun).


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