Day in the Life of an Emerging Technologies Librarian

Up. Morning ablutions.
Start coffee (forgot to make it last night).
Pack lunch for kid.
Wake kid up (alarm didn’t work again).
Running late, running late, hurry, hurry.

Check email.
Schedule meeting.
Send announcement.
Coffee into thermos.
Pack up, walk to bus. Surprisingly warm and wet.
Bus to work.

Arrive at work. Unload laptop and wires, plug it in, start it up. Pour a cup of decaf while things get going and skimming email.
Phone to extend room reservation for noon webinar. Confirm. Send reminder to colleague.
Clear a well-hidden spam blog comment.
Receive ping via GTalk to help patron download an article. End up emailing it to them.

Email discussion about projected social media report collecting activities of the medical campus. Cool!
Send amazing etech video to a colleague – mini-cameras mounted on eagles for bird’s-eye view video!
Grin proudly upon receiving email that article I peer-reviewed on Second Life in healthcare is now online.
Cringe upon receiving email that my presentation on Thursday (social media in education) has been switched to a larger auditorium.
Chat with colleague.
Decide to skip the Forum Coffee Break, AGAIN, wishing I could make it.

Get another one of the MedLib’s Blog Carnival submissions – the first one on topic! Hurray!
Check Facebook quick, “like” a few things, a couple quick comments.
Discuss upcoming faculty workshop in Second Life with cube-mate.
Check Twitter, get involved in discussion with ePatientDave and SusannahFox about why the general approach to participatory medicine and social media may need fine tuning for low health literacy patients with complex chronic medical situations and their healthcare teams.
Fine tune websearch for social media in engineering education. Open 20 windows, start grabbing screenshots.

Continue grabbing screenshots, a few articles.
Check clock. Check email. Check Twitter.
Bundle up laptop and myself, head across campus to room for webinar. Temps dropping like crazy.
Grab a Polish Sausage on the way. Too cold and windy to eat outdoors. Eat it in the Chemistry Building while I cut through.

Webinar from EASI on accessible design in Second Life. Let a friend look over my shoulder. Take good notes for peers, will blog later.

Friend stays around, I demo the accessible tools in Second Life. Show off guidedog, Marco/Polo scripts/coding, and informal general SL skills.
Talk about Twitter as personal productivity tool. Compare lists of accessibility resources in Twitter.
Talk about increasing use of social media for promoting web accessibility on campus.
Talk about Yammer as campus community productivity tool.

Mostly walking back to office, thinking of my fruit salad I want to eat when I get there.

Check email. Forget about the fruit salad. Check article sent by colleague.
Check Twitter. Reply to remainder of morning conversation about participatory medicine.
Check Yammer. Reply to questions from campus folks, comment on conversations, note links to follow up.
Look for Kate to fix our Yammer group set up. Her room is dark. Send her private Yammer message to schedule time to do this.

Answer email from NETP videographer, mention FDASM event in SL this coming Saturday (fingers crossed!).
Add 2 meetings to calendar from emails.
Troubleshoot ActiveU registration.
Realize I forgot to eat fruit salad, put it in fridge.
Bundle up to go home.
Wait for bus. Too cold to read book in my pocket. Lost my gloves.

Get on bus. Scrunch in seat. Read a few pages of Green Mars.
Get off at my stop. Go to catch the connecting bus.
Next bus comes early, whizzes by while I run to catch it, 20 feet away.
Wait 3 minutes just in case it was wrong bus.
Walk a mile plus home.

Remind kid to put away trash bins.
Check laundry.
Check email.
Ask kid what to make for dinner. Discuss options.
Remind kid to put away dishes.
Watch a funny YouTube video with kid.
Ask kid about dinner again.Finally, decision time!

Make dinner for kid. Work on blogpost.
Remind kid to eat. Work on blogpost.
Answer phone. Remind kid to eat. Work on blogpost.
Tweak look of new blog. Fiddle with banner graphic in Adobe Illustrator. Output image as SVG. Convert to JPG. Load. No good – conversion destroyed font. Retry, grab screenshot, crop. Wrong size. Try again. Grab screenshot, load. Finally works. Customize colors, 6 times. Finally OK.
Check email. Send notice of Google Calendar to son’s athletic team. Try to persuade colleague to blog.

Computer crunches. Grab screenshot of open BBEdit files just in case. Computer crashes. Illustrator and Firefox were not happy running at the same time. Restart.
Clear extra files from desktop.
Check updates and installs.
General tidy.
Restart again.
Phone girlfriend while working on computer cleanup. No answer. Phone another girlfriend. Chat while fixing CPU.

Open blogpost window for Cool Toys.
Computer crashes again. Reboot again.
Reopen Firefox, and NO OTHER APPS! Check Session Manager, grab screenshots of URLs for important pieces, close their windows before resuming.
Do Cool Toy of the Day blogpost. Extra short today.
Send two Momentile posts – one for Cool Toys, one for personal stream.

Write blogpost on “A Day in the Life of a Librarian”.
Make coffee on timer for morning.
Refill humidifers.
Turn out lights around house.
Evening ablutions. Go to bed.


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