Goodies for Do Gooders on Groundhog Day

This began life as a New Year’s Resolution spin-off, which is pretty obvious once you get into it. The idea was that for New Year’s most of us try to spend some time thinking about how we can improve either our lives or the lives of those around us, redefining what’s important. I started looking around and found an enormous wealth of sites that claim to support people in becoming change-agents in large and small ways, both local and global.

Obviously, I have not tested out all of these myself, nor have I researched the ones that want monetary donations. Consider yourself encouraged to check them out yourself before taking any personal risks. What I hope will come out of this slideshow is an opportunity to explore some sites that maybe you didn’t know about and possibly clarify your sense of what roles are a good fit for you as a change agent.

Oh, as you go through the deck, you’ll notice the yellow section dividers captured from Monina Velarde’s New Year’s Resolution Generator and used with her permission. Just spending some time clicking refresh on her site is another way to clarify options for re-envisioning your life direction. Check it out!

Monina Velarde: New Year’s Resolution Generator:

My apologies to all for not including links or titles in the slidedeck or in this blogpost. I am well aware that this is an accessibility issue, and leaves out people who are vision impaired. Anyone have a few hours to compile a list for me? I will gladly append it to this post! I just didn’t have time and thought it better to get this out to some rather than none.


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