FDASM Public Forum: Allons Dansez, Colinda!

I’ve been gearing up for this for months – our local FDASM forum. Which was utterly AMAZING, in case there was any doubt. There shouldn’t have been (doubt, that is), but a number of things had gone wrong with trying to arrange the event, so please forgive me if I was a fair bit nervous. The event had been rescheduled a few times, and it didn’t really register in my mind that the final date was, um, Mardi Gras (!!!) until I was in the hallway outside the venue. I couldn’t believe that I had mentally MISSED that it was Mardi Gras! My mother’s side of the family is Cajun, and not just Cajun but according to my sister’s research, we are actually descended from Joseph Broussard, better known as Beausoleil. THAT Beausoleil, yes, the original Cajun. Certain portions of my family take a great deal of pride in this, and Mardi Gras is a serious business for us.

What does that have to do with the FDASM, you may well ask. Just let me tell the story — I was getting to that!

So, here I am, walking down the main drag hallway in the hospital, lost in my own thoughts of Mardi Gras, singing to myself. My absolute favorite Cajun song stuck in my head from when I was a child is “Allon Dansez, Colinda“. I’ll give the lyrics at the end of the post (count yourself lucky I’m not singing this to you, which I have actually done in public, so it is a genuine risk). My super short English language paraphrase of it goes like this.

“Hey, pretty girl, let’s go dancing,
skin to skin, cheek to cheek,
like we’re glued to each other;
let’s make all the old ladies angry.
Don’t worry! Your mama’s not watching.”

I realized this is to some extent where social media is in healthcare, and pretty much in general! It’s social, it’s this grand party. A lot of people are just having the time of their life. A bunch are milling around wondering why they are there and when will the band start playing again so they don’t have to talk. Some folk are shy and don’t want to dance, others are worried who’s watching or that they’ll get in trouble. Some are there to cause trouble and take great delight in making folks angry or misleading people. Did you ever go to a party when you were young that you really didn’t want to have to explain to your parents? Maybe you still haven’t told your parents about it. (I don’t think I ever did, and it is 40 years later for me!) Some are thinking, “What can I get away with while Mama’s not watching” while others are thinking, “I can’t! What if Mama finds out?”

And this is what the FDASM is about. Mama is headed over to the party. Are we ashamed at what she might find out? Are we trying to hide before she gets there? Are we having a fine time and are grown up enough that we don’t want our parent interfering or embarrassing us? Are we worried that if someone else gets in trouble it will make trouble for us even though we didn’t do anything wrong? Or that Mama will jump to conclusions and think we did something wrong just because Mama doesn’t understand what parties are like for teens these days?

I told the folks at the event about the song. For myself, I was as proud as could be to stand on stage with that brilliant, insightful, thought-provoking crew of folk who are doing some really deep thinking about what can, could and should be done with social media as regards healthcare. I will try to share bits and pieces of the event over the next few days as I organize thoughts for the official record. For tonight, Mardi Gras night, as just a little bit of lagniappe, let me go back to Mother’s, my favorite breakfast joint in New Orleans.

Back at Mother's for Breakfast

Allons dansez, Colinda;
Dansez coller, Colinda;
Allons dansez, Colinda,
Pour faire fâcher ces vieux femmes.

Allons dansez, Colinda;
Dansez coller, Colinda;
Allons dansez, Colinda,
Par ta mama n’est pas là.


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