FDASM Forum: Report Out – Report for the FDA on UM Health Community Use of Social Media

– Ted Hanss provided a background about OER and relayed local faculty
concerns about social media risks and accountability.
– Anuja Jain revealed concerns about professionalism and transparency
as potentially conflicting aspects of social media.
– Melissa Levine said one of the most important things I heard – to
not be afraid of contributing comments to the federal docket but to
think of it more along the lines of a marketing survey for the
– Mary Kratz told wonderful stories and showed an amazing video
illustrating the power of social media use for communities and
interventions in Africa and as a support for mobile health.
– Brenda Jones talked about research from the patient point of view,
and how patients are both passionately using research in participatory
medicine, but also contributing to crowdsourcing efforts to gather
important data.
– Jessica Soulliere spoke on the concerns of the balance between too
much and too little regulation, and the importantance of individuals
who represent the institution having permissions to do so, being aware
of the institutional context and mandates before speaking, and being
aware that even as a private individual what you say may be
interpreted as representing your institution.

And from that, and the ensuing community conversation was distilled the following report for the FDA’s docket on social media.


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