Cool Toys: January 2010

Jan 2: Compare My Docs

Jan 3: CoSketch

Jan 4: Analytics

Jan 5: Unity 3D

Jan 6: has Daisy (and Kindle and …)

Jan 7: Casper

Jan 8: NIH Reporter

Jan 9: TV Worldwide – President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

Jan 10: Living Social

Jan 11: Sense about Science

Jan 12: World’s Fair Use Day

Jan 13: Flickr’s Geographic Browse

Jan 14: Visuland

Jan 15: Open Cobalt

Jan 16: ORCID & ResearchID

Jan 17: TokBox

Jan 18: Science Online 2010, Twitter

Jan 19: TEDMED Videos

Jan 20: Tagul

Jan 21: Accessible Twitter

Jan 23: Dreamstime

Jan 24: Speak Flower

Jan 25: Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR)

Jan 26: Yenka

Jan 27: SciMaps

Jan 28: Tablet Computing in Education

Jan 29: Castroller

Jan 30: Tweak the Tweet (Crisis Communications)

Jan 31: BookBuzzr


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