Cool Toys: Update

Sorry, sorry, it’s late! But I started doing something different with Cool Toys, again. What I’m doing now is putting the screenshots and links and sometimes discussion in these locations.




I’ve been doing the Momentile part of this a little over a year, the Flickr part since October last year (actually September 30), and the Posterous part began December 1. I’ve been sick a LOT since early December, and trying to do one of these every day, seven days a week. It is neat that I can send all three of these with one email, have it show up in three places, reaching different audiences. I’m thinking of various ways to have that content automatically show up here in this blog also, but haven’t gotten around to it. Sending all of them by email really makes this more doable for me. That is part of why you see more activity there than here. Part of it is just because I’ve been so wiped out and busy with major time-consuming projects like the FDASM. For now, trying to catch up a bit, I want to just list the posts from the Posterous blog for the past couple months, starting with December. So that will be the next post. If all goes well, I will end up with one blog post here each week listing what happened at Posterous that week. 🙂


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