Finding Creative Commons Images

This is from a presentation I did last week. There are some wonderful reasons and resources supporting creative commons in general and images are wonderful fun!

Here are the links most used in the presentation.

Creative Commons: Licensing:
Choose a Creative Commons License:

Examples of Why CC is Good

OER Commons:
Open Educational Resources Africa: AgShare:

More Reasons to Support CC

When using open source makes you an enemy of the state:
Open Video Alliance: Irony: Wireside Chat with Lawrence Lessig Silenced by Copyright: wireside-chat-with-lawrence-lessig-silenced-by- copyright/?l=es
Related Links:
Bogus Copyright Claim Silences Yet Another Larry Lessig YouTube Presentation:

Finding Images

Google Example: as_rights=(cc_publicdomain%7Ccc_attribute %7Ccc_sharealike).-(cc_noncommercial %7Ccc_nonderived)&q=flowers&hl=

Flickr: Creative Commons Search:

Wikimedia Commons:

Creative Commons Search: search-engines

Flickr Commons:

Other CC Search Tools (maybe, or maybe not)
* Example: rch&license=cc&original=1&safe_search=1

Here is where you can get Finding Creative Commons Images in iTunesU.


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