Education 2.0 – NETP 2010, VWBPE, SL etc.

I have a lot of catching up to do for things I want to share and bring to people’s attention. I’m going to start with this video by Draxtor Depres (which is his Second Life avatar name). Much of the content in this video was filmed around the National Educational Technology Plan (NETP) public forum in Second Life last November.

The final report from the Second Life public forum was made available here first!

This helped feed into the process by which the NETP 2010 report was generated and presented to Obama to help inform the decisionmaking process, management, planning and funding of educational innovation in the United States. They are still inviting comment on the plan, so consider yourself encouraged to provide comments and influence the discussion. Don’t like something? Think it is great? Tell them so. Draft National Educational Technology Plan:

I am seeing conversation about this all over the web, so you can track down what other people are saying. If you want, help aggregate some of that content at the SnapGroups Education group.

SnapGroups: Education: NETP2010:

Draxtor has been sitting on this for a while, so you can think of this as some of his comments. He also tried to time it for the opening of last weekend’s Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference, held in Second Life. Last I heard, they were estimating around 5,000 avatars registered to attend events, and assuming that as a low end for attendance. Big big deal for education. I blogged snippets of the first day of the VWBPE conference, and will be doing a lot more about it here. I could easily blog more than a dozen posts, if I didn’t have anything to do other than blog! Basically, just figure that virtual worlds are a natural extension of simulations and role play as critical immersive & engagement approaches to education and exploration, that this is currently a major activity in Second Life, and that this is likely to get bigger before ultimately shifting into a combined virtual world/real world experience via augmented reality. Does that sound overwhelming? Perhaps, if you aren’t already there. I suspect that for most of the educators in Second Life, it just sounds like a natural next step. Maybe you should check it out. You can start by checking out Drax’s video, and then click through to take a look at some of his other short and sweet introductions to major events and initiatives connecting Second Life and the non-virtual world.


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