SXSH, SXSW, FDASM, eHealth Mobile, Literacy & More

Is it just me? It seems like so much critically important stuff is zinging by, whooosh, top speed, IMPORTANT! Last week was VWBPE, and I have several blogposts I want to do about that, and SXSH. This week was SXSW and SXSWi, the entire week! FDASM has closed for comments, but that doesn’t mean it has gone away, not at all. SexTech was in there somewhere, too. TEDxUofM is still coming. Then there are the themes that thread through these, like ehealth, mobile apps, consumer health literacy, crowdsourcing and of course Twitter.

Let’s scoop a few spoons of the alphabet soup first.

  • FDASM = Food and Drug Administration Social Media
  • SexTech = Sex::Tech = STD/HIV Prevention Conference focusing on
    Youth and Technology [Acronyms within acronyms! Well, within abbreviations, anyway. STD/HIV is, of course, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Human Immunodeficiency Virus]
  • SXSH = Sharing, Exchanging Social Health Unconference
  • SXSW = South by Southwest Music and Media Conference, Film Conference and Festival
  • SXSWi = South by Southwest, Interactive Festival
  • TEDxUofM = TED (Technology, Education, Design) University of Michigan
  • VWBPE = Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education

Main sources for each.

FDASM = Web | Twitter

SexTech: Web | Video

SXSH: Web | Twitter

SXSW: Web | Video | Twitter | Slides

SXSWi: Web | Hashtag | Slides

TEDxUofM = Web | Facebook | Twitter (About TEDx events)

VWBPE = Web | Twitter | Video | Slides

I am going to need a week to try to even watch the highlights from all of this! Meanwhile, here are a few other pieces that have come up on these and which are worthy of exploration.

FDASM: The Making of a Social Media Movement, By Fabbio Gratton (aka Skypen):

#Patient: The Mobile eHealth App Opportunity, 2010 John Mcelhenney:

Championing Health Literacy on the Web, by Jeff Greene:


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