Cool Toys: February 2010

Feb 1: Mahara

Feb 2: Molecular Origami

Feb 3: Ann Arbor Area Government Document Repository

Feb 4: EPA: My Environment

Feb 5: Autoscopia

Feb 6: Superhero Squad Show: Create Your Own Comic

Feb 7: Text4Baby

Feb 8: UK PubMedCentral

Feb 9: Pearltrees

Feb 10: #SDOisGO! Solar Dynamics Observatory Launch in SL

Feb 11: Google Buzz

Feb 12: Twica

Feb 13:

Feb 14: IxQuick

Feb 15: AdViews

Feb 16: Tiffany glass virtual tour

Feb 17: Twitalyzer

Feb 18: Mondrian

Feb 19: Google Image Swirl

Feb 20: PhotoBooth + YouTube + (You Guessed It!) Actual Talent!

Feb 21: Amplicate

Feb 22: Flickr: UM Haiti Relief

Feb 23: FormSpring

Feb 24: Casting Words

Feb 25: 3Dvia

Feb 26: Twitter Art from Guy Vincent

Feb 27: Tsunamis & Earthquakes

Feb 28: Sex. Really. SexTech & More


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