Social Media Marketing Plans

I’ve talked here before about social media plans and metrics. This week one of my Second Life friends, Aliza Sherman, put out a presentation on the topic, making me think it is time to look at how this has changed over the past couple years.

Aliza Sherman: 7 Steps to a Social Media Marketing Plan-THE PDF

I wanted to point you to the PDF version that you can download. The original version (most linked to and tweeted, identical but not downloadable) is here:
7 steps to a social media marketing plan (SMMP):

You can find some great older content on social media plans and even templates, so I’d like to highlight just a couple other newer pieces.

Neglected Stepchild of Social Media Marketing. Online Social Networking, February 3, 2010.
A classic overview, with a few particularly insightful suggestions, such as creating your own lexicon of terms relevant to your area from searches for your content, and feeding those back into your content development.

Wee, Willis. The Big Social Media Marketing Plan. Penn Olson March 1, 2010.
Wee, Willis. HOW TO: Back Your Social Media Marketing Plan With Numbers. Penn Olson April 24, 2010.
I like these two because they are on target, clearly written, easy to understand, with good graphics to support the content. I especially liked the graphic about using diagramming to describe your communication flow.

Guevara, Jasmine. Social Media Marketing Plan Outline > Draft. January 5, 2010.
You could do worse than start with this outline as a way to organize your thoughts.

Weintraub, Marty. Social Media Contract: Anatomy of a Scope Document. AimClear April 6, 2010.
Not exactly planning, but definitely related, a wonderful Creative Commons sample contract for managing your paid social media work and workers.

Gary Vaynerchuk: The Speed of Social Media Requires Fast Teams. Feb 17, 2010 2:08 pm.
Last but not least, the central question of how do you plan when things keep changing all the time?

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