Mimi Ito Keynote Playlist

Sorry, folks, I’ve been fighting with my computer for days. Last Friday, I made a playlist of the videos highlighted in Mimi Ito’s Keynote presentation for the 2010 University of Michigan Enriching Scholarship week of tech innovation workshops. Very cool. I added in one local spinoff that folks were buzzing about afterwards that fit in with her presentation.

Mimi Ito Enriching Scholarship Keynote Presentation, May 2010, Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/user/perplexitypeccable#grid/user/031118F63A44639C

After doing this, I discovered that Mimi had posted the full transcript of her presentation with the videos embedded in the right places.

Mimi Ito: Peer-Based Learning in a Networked Age: http://www.itofisher.com/mito/publications/peerbased_learn_2.html

So you have choices! Watch the videos, or read and watch the videos. Whichever is your pleasure.


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